Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe? How do I make payment?
Please visit How To Subscribe for more information.

How to use this site?
1) Use this site to visualize/compare the current Indian stock market valuation to its historic valuation.
2) Compare different nifty sectoral indices’ valuation and understand which sector is currently undervalued or overvalued and take timely decision yourself.

What do I get by subscribing to https://nifty-pe-ratio.com?
Currently Nifty50 index PE Ratio, PB Ratio and Dividend Yield data is available for FREE.
To get access to other sectoral Nifty indices (e.g. Auto, Bank, Midcap, Next50, IT, Pharma, FMCG etc..) you have to subscribe at very nominal charges.

Do you provide stock tips also?

Is PE, PB, Dividend Yield data available for individual stocks also?
No. We only display nifty indices data.

Do you sell data?
No. We only provide the visualizations as part of subscription.

Will I get raw data if I subscribe?
No. You can get it for free at NSE exchange site.

I have made payment, when will I get the login details?
Please use the contact form and send your email address and payment details (or Whatsapp to 8446365003).
You will get your login details in your mail box as soon as possible.

Can I use charts displayed here on my own website?
Yes provided you mention the https://nifty-pe-ratio.com as a source of the information.

Do you provide guidance on when/what to buy/sell?
No. We present the data to you in the easy to understand manner so that you can take your own decision.